Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Cash for Cars

17 October 2019
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You might be thinking of selling your old car quickly, and someone may have mentioned cash for cars. If you don't have a clue about cash for cars, you are in the right place. The following includes some answers to questions you might have about this type of programme:

What Is Cash for Cars?

Cash for cars is a programme that businesses use to buy your car straight out. It can be of any make or model and be in any condition (scrap, old, new, junk, etc.). Most of these businesses are either auto wreckers or junkyards, and they buy your car for parts or scrapping. If your car is new, it might be bought for resale and not for parts, meaning you might not get a good price. Therefore, if you intend to sell a new car, look for a private buyer.

Where Do You Start?

You need to determine various things first: What is the condition of your car? Is it an old, scrap or junk car? Is it a car that had a crucial part that got damaged and you could not find the part? This helps you know whether your car has salvageable parts and how much you can expect to get from the cash for cars company. You can contact your regular mechanic who won't charge you much to inspect the car. He or she can offer helpful information on how much the car might be worth based on the salvageable parts. This helps you bargain effectively for a good price.

Once you have identified the above, you can shop around for cash for cars companies. They will require you to describe your car so that they have an idea of what they will find when they visit for inspection.

Usually, you might get a rough estimate on how much you might get, but the actual figure is arrived at after inspection. Therefore, don't get excited when you are given a high estimate over the phone or via email.

What Happens During an Inspection Visit?

Once you have chosen a company to sell to, make arrangements for an inspection visit where a representative is sent to where the car is parked. You do not need to take the vehicle to the company. The car is inspected and you are presented with a figure, which you can agree to or bargain. Once in agreement, you are paid and the company tows the vehicle away. You don't have to spend on towing fees; they are covered by the company.